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Looking for a new exciting way to teach farming to your students? Our In-School workshops bring the excitement of farming right into your classroom. Our goal is to inspire youth to learn about farming, healthy eating, where their food comes from and so much more. We provide hands on activities to help students learn through active engagement.

Farmers-In-The-Classroom is a fun, dynamic hands on interactive workshop that teaches students about various agriculture and farming topics. Multiple stations are set up and students rotate through learning about bees, growing seasons, plants, animals, healthy eating, fruits and vegetables, all about seeds and so much more.

We have custom programs designed for grades Kindergarten through Grade 3. Farmers-In-The-Classroom can teach up to 50-60 students in the 100-minute block time. Which means we could teach up to 6 classes in one day.

What are the costs? We understand costs for bussing becomes expensive this allows us to bring part of a rural farm right to your classroom.
1 Session = $175 plus HST (maximum 2 classes)
2 Sessions =$300 plus HST (maximum 4 classes)
3 Sessions =$375 plus HST (maximum 6 classes)
(A small travel fee may apply to schools outside our regions).

How was it developed? Farmers-In-The-Classroom was developed by Hewitts Fun Farm in Orillia, Ontario. We saw a need for schools wanting information and hands-on programs for their students that were not available. After testing out and running various workshops we officially launched the program in 2016. Now we are expanding into various regions throughout Southern Ontario. Realizing that most students learn best by experiencing and doing, our program was designed that aligns with school curriculum and allows fun, interactive workshops to be run right in your classroom with custom and unique equipment. How do I book the program? Easy just email us your school name and location, we can send you information on dates and get you booked in.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our Farming in the classroom Workshop experience. We look forward to working with you for the 2017 season.

Trevor and Margie Hewitt

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